It’s a fact that today most ladies like to photo shop their images when they post on social media. We also know that all celebrities are airbrushed in magazines. While we want real looking ladies, it’s also nice to look your best on your photographs.  Some of the most important photographs you will ever have taken are on your wedding day so we offer to airbrush your wedding images so you look extra amazing! of course you still want to look like you, but removing any spots and smoothing a little skin all is part and parcel of professional wedding photographs.

In a survey, despite over two thirds (66 per cent) of women asked thought that it was wrong for magazines to edit pictures, yes over half (57 per cent) admitted to regularly editing their own social media pictures to enhance their appearance.

With this in mind we want to let all our prospective clients know that we will listen to you and take on board your thoughts, but rest assured we will make you look your best by using our skill as photographers and as editors.

Here are a few of our brides, we would never publish any before shots, and we edit all your images so you look the same through the wedding …how will you look? natural and beautiful of course.

Airbrushing your photographs should be done sensitively and taking care to make you look your best without over doing the effect. Our brides can be secure that we not only airbrush your photographs to soften skin we also slim down areas and get rid of blemishes (spots etc) In short we aim to enhance (with your permission) your photographs to make you look your best on your wedding day, giving your photographs sparkle and the wow factor!

All celebrities get the airbrushed treatment so why not you on your wedding day!…all included in our service fees

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