Carla and Jack

Posted on 5th May 2017

As wedding photographers in Cheshire we always love to cover weddings at Crewe Hall, a wonderful cheshire wedding venue. Here is one of our wedding photography stories from a recent wedding at Crewe Hall and the beautiful Daresbury Church

Carla and Jack’s story

Jack and I met in Warrington on a night out in 2009.My friend started to chat to someone, and I wasn’t very happy that I was left to talk to his cocky mate (Jack) After a few cocky show off comments Jack eventually bought me a drink – a shot of Tequila! We chatted and joked and I secretly liked him but didn’t want to let on. I was going to uni that year and guessed I wouldn’t see him again.

Over the next 6 months we continued to bump into each other every now and then, we chatted, he bought me a few more shots of Tequila, until eventually on the 8th April 2010 I agreed to go on a date with Jack. Best decision I have ever made…. So far 🙂

In 2015 Jack took me away as a surprise to Paris for my birthday! This weekend was AMAZING, we both had so much fun and as we checked out of the hotel, I will admit, I was a bit sad that the weekend was over and it had gone by so quickly. As a surprise Jack insisted that we visited Notre Dam before catching our flight home. Jack had suggested we grab some breakfast before visiting the cathedral, and as we walked though a very small and quiet park I was prattling on about something when Jack told me to be quiet for a minute. He made me walk over to a bench with him and started messing in his back pack. I rolled my eyes as I thought he was again going to pull his camera out and take some pictures of stuff whilst I stood waiting around – I was hungry! That was until he dropped on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was no longer hungry and I can’t remember much else as I was then in a bubble of excitement and emotion! It was PERFECT! No one was around and it was just us two! I was so excited! I didn’t want to do anything else or see anyone else I just wanted to chat with Jack on my own! I was so excited!

We sat and grabbed a coffee – I think we had breakfast haha I can’t even remember! I hadn’t taken much notice of the ring until this point, the ring is stunning! I don’t know how someone else could pick something so beautiful and perfect for me, it was everything I have ever wanted! After a while it had suddenly dawned on me that we were to go home later that day. That’s when Jack told me he had booked another hotel as a surprise for the night in Paris! I was so overwhelmed with excitement! The hotel Jack had booked was amazing! It was so perfect!

Planning a wedding with a project manager. I don’t think Jack can win bless him. At first I was annoyed that Jack was planning too much and I wasn’t involved, and this wasn’t work or a project plan that I didn’t understand, it was our wedding (and that’s when I became bridezilla), and then I was annoyed I felt like I was doing it all on my own, but now Project manager Jack is back on it with me, and I’ve finally succumbed to his project plans and timelines haha. I hate to admit it but they are actually very helpful.

Jack has supported me through all the political dramas of planning a wedding. We’ve had fun choosing the band and trying the food at Crewe Hall. Choosing the wedding rings together was special and booking the honeymoon was very exciting! I’ve also learnt that Jack has a very good singing voice in church haha. I’m very proud of our dedication and determination going to church together for the past 18mths.

Jack thinks I’ve hated planning the wedding because I moan a lot about it at times. On the one hand, I just want it to be perfect, and on the other I just don’t care as long as I get to marry Jack on the day! To me that’s all that matters! But it would be fab if it’s the perfect day 🙂


shoes – Christian Louboutin

flowers – 2Lips Florist –

venue – Crewe Hall

suits – Whitfield and Ward Wilmslow –

car – Rolls Royce Phantom White – People to Places –

cake – Supa Dupa Cakes of Davenham –

invitations – Pure Invitation –

honeymoon – Las Vegas, Tahiti and Bora Bora

Videographer – Big Bear Weddings  –