Crewe Hall Wedding Claire and Andy

Posted on 21st November 2014

Claire and Andrew

We were  commissioned to cover Claire and Andy’s wedding after Claire  had several recommendations from friends and work mates who had recommend us to her. Its always lovely to hear that we have covered weddings to such a high standard that our clients recommend us to others.

Claire and Andy’s wedding was to take place in the magnificent Astbury Church with a reception held at Crewe Hall.

I joined Claire and her bridesmaids at her hairdressers in Congleton where she was having her hair and her makeup done. David went off to see the groom at The church and joined them at the pub for a drink prior to the ceremony (coke of course at this part of the day)

I arrived back at the brides home to dad and Granma  who were busy getting ready for this very special day.  Granma was a very special lady to Claire and I made sure we had lots of photographs of her throughout the day.

The wedding car was an original 1932 Rolls Royce, a real beauty and driven by the owner a friend of the grooms family.

After a emotional wedding ceremony the bride and groom made their way out of the church where a Chimney sweep was waiting for them to wish them luck….Claire’s face was  a picture !

Crewe hall is one of our favourite wedding venues and we do cover a lot of weddings here. The Christmas decorations had just been completed and looked fantastic.

The bride and groom were full of fun and a great couple to work for, we hope we have captured their day for them and they enjoy their Italian wedding album once its delivered.

Claire and Andy have enjoyed a few days away in York before a planned honeymoon in the new year…wonder where they will go?

Thank you so much Claire and Andy for providing the lovely meal for us, it was really appreciated.

Crewe Hall

Claire and Andy’s wedding at Crewe Hall

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