Getting ready bridal preparation with Gemma

Posted on 29th April 2015




Bridal prep is one of the best parts of the day in a lot of ways, excitement about the day ahead is always great to capture. I love taking detail shots and this is the time I can do just that with the bride and bridesmaids also i the mix having their hair and makeup done. Here at “The Heath House” we had a beautifully sunny April day and as this wedding venue is in my top “liked” venues I knew I would have a great time for the two or three hours prior to the wedding that I was with the bridal party as they laughed and drank champagne. The Heath House is an exclusive venue so all the exquisitely decorated and furnished bedrooms are at the disposal of the bride on the morning of the wedding. This means we can move freely between the rooms and enjoy all this wonderful venue has to offer. Here are some of our favorites from the wedding morning with Gemma and her friends

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