Hand Finished Prints

Wedding photography can be extremely creative but creating that wow factor and impact shots for our clients means we have invested our time and money into advanced editing training so we can bring you wonderful professional images.

We work from large file sizes and shoot in Raw format to make sure we can get all the details out of your wedding photographs. We spend many hours after the wedding in our studio hand finishing all your photographs. It’s a bit like seeing an iceberg. You can see what we do on the day of the wedding but that’s just the beginning. There is so much more you don’t see that we include in our professional service to you.


We can give you all kinds of finishes

Black and white

converting your colour photographs to classic black and white during our editing process and grading them from soft to more detailed images

Soft Focus

taking our very sharp images and softening the skin, or the edges or both, all done in post production

Dodge and Burn

by using this technique we can lighten or darken your images to great effect, enhancing areas that need shadows lifting such as faces and darkening areas to create mood and atmosphere


This is always one of my favorite techniques, it allows me to focus the viewer eye to the subject by darkening edges.

The above are just a few of the things we do to enhance your wedding photographs and take them to another level. You want to remember your wedding day perfectly, then you need perfect photographs

One of the main questions people ask is “why is wedding photography so expensive” well hand finishing your photographs  is one of the areas which you don’t see but needs to be done to produce excellent photography for you.