The Three Horse Shoes

Posted on 26th February 2015

We live fairly close to the Three Horse shoes so ts always nice to get a wedding at this family run venue. It overlooks one of the best views in Staffordshire situated at the end of the pennine chain, the Roaches is the last group of rocks and was seen on the series by “pride and prejudice” Jane Austin. The bride got ready at home and I made sure to take a lot of images at this stage of the day, its my personal favorite part. She had beautiful wedding flowers, and with my style of editing I always make sure to bring out the colour as well as the detail in flowers to show their full beauty. After photographing the details,which are such an important part of the day and important in album design, I focused on the bride and bridesmaids having their hair and makeup done. The groom and his attendance were chilling out at a local pub close to the church where they were to get married and as this couple had chosen our two photographer coverage option we were able to cover both the bride and the groom. The Church they chose to get married in was St Mathews church in the Village of Meerbrook, a wonderful church to hold a wedding ceremony, and one of my favorite churches as I have personal links with the community. The Couple drove to the wedding reception at the Three House shoes and we covered the drinks reception, family groups and then on to the emotional and star studded speeches and first dance. It was a great wedding and wonderful people to deal with throughout. We wish them all the happiness in the world

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