A guest book

All your guests can have a photo of themselves in the guest book and leave you a message. It’s a wonderful memento.

Unlimited prints

You can have unlimited prints of you and your guests. You can use the booth as much as you wish.


The booth will come with accessories for you to use. If you want to bring some of your own to make it even more personal then that’s fine too.

Free Delivery

Free delivery of the booth anywhere in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Manchester.

Second set free

You get a second set of all the prints for free. So your guests get a copy and so do you!


Fully trained attendants will print your photographs for you and show you want to do.

A photobooth is one of the best additions you can have for your wedding. If you have seen these in action you will know just how much fun they are for you and your guests.

We offer you such a lot with this service. Such a lot on offer for such a great price too!

The Photo Booth is a lot of fun and will be remembered by your family and friends for a long time ……….after all, weddings should be fun!

Price: £495.00. If you book your wedding photography with us you will get the photo booth at the reduced rate of £395.00.

Optional Selfie Mirror

The package is the same as the photo booth and includes the guestbook and is priced at £495  it if you book us to cover your wedding we can reduce this to £450 

. 3 Hour Magic selfie Mirror  at your chosen venue
. Unlimited visits to the booth
. 2 prints per visit. (1 for the guest and 1 for your guestbook)
. Staff on the night to man the booth and manage the guestbook
. 1 Guestbook containing all prints from the night and guest messages
. All digital images at full resolution
. Boxes and boxes of fancy dress props to make each picture unique.

We require a £50 deposit by bank transfer  to secure your date