Wedding Photography

We have been established in the wedding photography business for so long now I cannot seem to remember a time when we were not full time photographers. But let’s say it’s over twenty years. Of course with all that experience behind us you may expect we would know everything. Well we know a lot, but photography and editing are always changing so we make sure to update our skills our equipment and training every year so we can bring you the very best.

Member of the Guild of Professional Photographers

The Guild is a European wide organisation and because we are among the many  members  we feel this gives all our clients reassurance. Being a member of the Guild is a bit like being in the RAC. You take out a membership and you know what ever happens you have support and backup should you have an issue.

One of the questions clients always ask is “what happens if you are ill ?” It’s a valid question, and being a member of such a large organisation means we have wonderful backup, giving you peace of mind.

Quality of your Photographer

We all know that hotels have a  star rating which is given after they are inspected and graded according to their service and quality.  Because of this you know you are getting a consistent level of service

Here is the equivalent rating for photographers

3* hotel  = Qualified photographer (of a good standard)

4* hotel = Craftsman photographer  (excellent and more sought after)

5* hotel = Master Craftsman ( highly prestigious you know you are getting the highest service and quality)


Beverley Foster is one of just 12 Master Craftsmen in Europe in weddings 

Hand Finished Prints

Foster Photographers individually enhance all of their wedding images including airbrushing, enhancing the colour and vibrancy of images as well as their sharpness. Foster Photographers make sure your images stand out and always have a professional polish.


One of the services we provide at our studio is airbrushing. Unlike most wedding photographers we will airbrush all your images to make sure you have a set of wedding pictures that you will love.