Why Choose A Professional?

Photography is not about cameras, gadgets, and gizmos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel.

Peter Adams, 1978

I know some couples spend lots of time of money on their wedding and then wonder ” do I really need a professional wedding photographer?” Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a professional instead of your “uncle Charlie” or someone with a full time occupation other than in wedding photography who decides its fun to shoot a wedding at the weekend for some extra cash


Owning a DSLR, does not make you a great wedding photographer, just like owning a pair of pliers does not make you a good dentist, sure you could pull a tooth but what would the experience be like ?
It’s important to be realistic about the capabilities of an inexperienced person you are thinking of having shoot your wedding.

Camera Equipment

It’s very important to have the right kit. A professional will carry at least two high end cameras and a wide variety of lenses as well as flashguns and LED lights. If you employ someone with only one camera and one lens you will not get the same beautiful results you will receive from someone with the correct equipment to do the job.
It’s also absolutely crucial that they know their equipment inside out and are confident in using it. A wedding is not the place to “try out” a camera
Having back up kit is essential and camera equipment all of the same high quality

Poor exposure

Your dress will more than likely be white or Ivory its one of the most important aspects of your wedding and it can be difficult to photograph correctly.
The inexperienced photographers will overexpose it so that it’s turned into a sheet like mass of white with no detail, or under expose it making it look dirty.

Messy background

Most professional wedding photographers usually check out a wedding venue before the wedding. They assess the venues and the areas they know will work well for storytelling and romantic images. This comes from experience and knowing what to look for. The amateur will cut off important points of interest and frame badly.

Forgetting a shot

A professional will know what questions to ask at the pre wedding meeting and will make sure everything that is important to you will be captured. You are very likely to be disappointed “when you friend of the family” missies those key shots and once the day is over you cannot go back to capture those missing family members or those missed candid shots

Messy group shots

Large groups of people aren’t easy to arrange, especially at a wedding when they are all talking to each other and relaxing having a drink and when you get them together you’ve got to make sure that everyone is visible, smiling, looking at the camera and not blinking.

Forgetting the details

You have spent a long time poring over all the details of your wedding and they mean a lot to you, but to the untrained eye or your uncle Charlie these precious details are just bits of paper or part of an outfit and can be very easily over looked. Not having these details is twofold, you are disappointed of course and then the album design gets underway and you realise you have a very boring looking wedding album to look back on.

Waiting months to see your wedding photographs

If you book someone with a full time job, just imaging how long it will take them to carefully edit your wedding images. …or worse still what if they don’t edit them and you get an album full of unedited photographs …warts and all ! A professional is spending their Monday to Friday concentrating on giving you service and quality, because this is their day job

These are just a few of the things to consider when you are thinking of cutting corners and choosing someone who is not a professional to be in charge of your wedding day memories.